You have questions about college:

  • Where will I get in?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How do I manage the application process?

We have answers.

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Our Promise

We believe every student needs a HERO to find the right college. With our information and expertise, we will support students, their families, and the advisors who serve them. We are the best at identifying colleges that fit your student’s profile and your budget.

Expert college advising at a great price! Have you ever considered hiring an advisor to help your student with the college process but felt overwhelmed by the cost? This is the solution. The Steps to College class is a combination of live webinars and 1-on-1 meetings taught by experts in each of four areas: Admissions, Careers Specialist, Essay, and College Affordability.

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Professional Tools

Built for college advisors and school counselors, the college list creator determines a student's competitive position among accepted students at over 1000 colleges. Our metrics are calculated using the same criteria that colleges use. This way, we create the most accurate evaluation of a student's ability to be accepted, thrive academically, and be well-positioned for merit aid.

Built for college funding advisors, school counselors, and families, determine spending “guardrails” for families sending their students to college. The formula addresses all students in the family for all four years.


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