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  • Evaluate students with the metrics used by colleges
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Your student’s list should reflect their best academic fit and the family’s financial goals. This occurs where they sit in the top 25% of the accepted student candidate pool.

Our software has a phenomenal record of industry-recognized metrics that demonstrate student success: acceptance, retention, and 4-year completion.

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Our Students' Stats:

compared to 68%*
compared to 61%*
89%4-Year Completion
compared to 63%*
* National averages, IPEDS, National Center for Education statistics

These statistics are based on 30+ years of use and over 10,000 families served by co-founder Todd Fothergill, the architect of this software. Todd recognized in the early 1990s the rising cost of college and the willingness of parents and their students were to take on excessive debt. It also was also becoming more common for enrollment management to play a bigger role in both determining which students are accepted, but and who receives the most merit award. This software is built upon the understanding that colleges continue to award this practice of awarding the best merit awards, regardless of need-based aid eligibility, to the top quartile of students in the candidate pool, regardless of need-based aid eligibility. This is based on the student profile criteria we use.

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