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is a video series outlining college admissions and funding that demystifies and lends structure to your process.


How much should you spend for college? Become a smart “buyer” of college by determining the best college budget for you and your student.

FREE tools for families, students, and the advisors and school counselors who help them.

Does the process of finding, funding, and applying to the right colleges for your student seem overwhelming? We are here to help!

The Steps to College course includes two tracks, one for students and the other for parents. Each track combines live webinars and 1-on-1 sessions for a full year with experts in:

  • College Admissions
  • Funding and Financial Aid
  • Cognitive Profile Assessment
  • Essay Writing
All-inclusive package: $4995

We will cover standardized testing strategies, how to develop a targeted college list, how to write a winning essay, and much more. For a review of the entire syllabus and to ask any questions, email the Director.

The right college at the right price!

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The Learning Center is a video series of videos that explains the ins and outs of what colleges are looking for and provides a framework for your process. Register for free.

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